Road Skillz was brought to the market for one simple reason. As a father, Scott Kuhne found out that when his own daughter was starting to drive he found that high school "Behind the Wheel" training offered nothing more than basic car operation and not how to really survive under current driving conditions.

As a volunteer high speed driving instructor he knew the importance of proper training for the conditions he would encounter on the track and more importantly on the street.

When researching information on accidents he found that most of the accidents could be avoided through simple maneuvers or actions. He also found some great information on emergency maneuvers, driving in inclement weather and other driving hazards. He took this information and then taught his own daughter with this information on how to avoid the mistakes that lead to the accident in the first place.

When other parents found out about what he was doing they wanted him to teach their own children. The teens and their parents were delighted to get this information. Scott even encouraged parents to have their children attend available teen driving schools. Most parents did not know that some of these schools were available at no cost!

During a nationwide automotive event he met director Rodolphe de Diusse. Rodolphe was producing a special for the organizers. They found instant rapport and Scott pitched the idea of the teen driving movie to Rodolphe.

Teaming up with Producer/Director Rodolphe de Diusse whose passion for cars and driving as well as real life experience in accident situations made him the perfect match to create the movie "Roadskillz". Rodolphe de Diusse involved long time friend and IRL driver Arie Luyendyk Jr. who immediately decided to lend his own expertise and name to the project. Luyendyk, de Diusse and Kuhne then set up to create a DVD that would really talk to its target audience instead of preaching and using scare tactics.

Using video, CGI animation and MTV style rhythm and music; "Road Skillz" gives you the "skillz" needed for today's demanding driving environment. This fast-paced, hard-hitting video goes straight to the heart of the matter with more information; in less time; than any previous video of its kind. Road Skillz gives the "common driver" the critical knowledge needed in a crisis situation showing how to react and then avoid the accident altogether.

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