Presenting a video that speaks directly to your students. This RECENTLY RELEASED educational tool will truly enhance your existing curriculum.

Road Skillz is licensed on a per classroom basis for a one-time fee (unlimited showings) of $129 (MSRP). Road Skillz is pleased to offer this video at an reduced price ( by Popular Demand!) of only $99. Both the DVD and VHS versions are presented in English and Spanish Voiceover. Click below to purchase online or you can fax your purchase order to 310.362.8935.

Here is what your colleagues are saying:

"This is an excellent, well-done video presented in a manner that is entertaining yet instructional. My students really enjoyed watching this great video. They even missed some of their lunch hour to stay and watch the end! The style, pace, music and most importantly the length is perfect for the targeted audience."

Jack Varnado - Director, Office of Communications, The Driving School Association of the Americas (DSAA)

"Finally a video that speaks to todayís youth. Its unique and targeted approach provides a tool that keeps the students interested. The material and the way it is presented is spot-on and should be considered a 'must have' for the classroom."

Hale Gammill - Executive Director, The Driving School Association of the Americas (DSAA)

"Road Skillz is an excellent learning tool for use in teen driverís education. Todayís teens need rapid scene changes, good music and great graphics to keep their attention. The information presented in Road Skillz is pertinent and well presented. Our students found this DVD to be very interesting and worth watching. We instruct over 1800 teens each year and it will be used in all our classrooms. Road Skillz is teen friendly and highly recommended!"

Jim Thienes - Safeway Driving School, St. Paul, MN

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